• Needles for bone biopsy

Disposable needle for sternum-iliac crest bone marrow biopsy with cannula tip designed to facilitate the passage through in bone tissue. Chuck closing.
Thumbwheel to adjust the length of the needle. The handle is ergonomic and it allows a comfortable grip for the operator. Quick release spindle. Luer lock connector at the base for suction.
0BIE version has cannula with two side holes to increase the bone marrow aspiration.
0BIP version has pre-assembled handle.

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Versions available


    Code Size Pack. C. Code
    0BI 1410/075 14Gx10/75 mm 20 Light green
    0BI 1425/090 14Gx25/90 mm 20 Light green
    0BI 1510/075 15Gx10/75 mm 20 Blue-Grey
    0BI 1525/090 15Gx25/90 mm 20 Blue-Grey
    0BI 1610/075 16Gx10/75 mm 20 White
    0BI 1625/090 16Gx25/90 mm 20 White
    0BI 1810/075 18Gx10/75 mm 20 Pink
    0BI 1825/090 18Gx25/90 mm 20 Pink

    0BIP (pre assemblato)

    Code Size Pack. C. Code
    0BIP1410/050 14Gx10/50mm 20 Light green
    0BIP1425/065 14Gx25/65mm 20 Light green
    0BIP1510/050 15Gx10/50mm 20 Blue-Grey
    0BIP1525/065 15Gx25/65mm 20 Blue-Grey
    0BIP1610/050 16Gx10/50mm 20 White
    0BIP1625/065 16Gx25/65mm 20 White
    0BIP1810/050 18Gx10/50mm 20 Pink
    0BIP1825/065 18Gx25/65mm 20 Pink


    Code Size Pack. C. Code
    0BIE1410/075 14Gx10/75mm 20 Light green
    0BIE1425/090 14Gx25/90mm 20 Light green
    0BIE1510/075 15Gx10/75mm 20 Blue-Grey
    0BIE1525/090 15Gx25/90mm 20 Blue-Grey
    0BIE1610/075 16Gx10/75mm 20 White
    0BIE1625/090 16Gx25/90mm 20 White
    0BIE1810/075 18Gx10/75mm 20 Pink
    0BIE1825/090 18Gx25/90mm 20 Pink

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