• Needles for bone biopsy

Is a disposable needle for aspirated cytologic and histologic biopsies. The bone marrow biopsy needle is designed to achieve maximum results both as regards the handling of use and patient safety.
The product is built with the best steel that ensures extreme rigidity to the needle. The grip is anatomic and allows a comfortable and safe grip for the operator. Luer-Lock. Spindle lock-system device. Small piece of wire for the extraction. Closing cap. Security to be affixed on the tip of the cannula for sampling.



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Versions available

    Code Size Pack. C. Code
    0BL 0810 8Gx10 cm 20 Dark green
    0BL 0815 8Gx15 cm 20 Dark green
    0BL 0910 9Gx10 cm 20 Pink
    0BL 0915 9Gx15 cm 20 Pink
    0BL 1110 11Gx10 cm 20 Green-Yellow
    0BL 1115 11Gx15 cm 20 Green-Yellow
    0BL 1310 13Gx10 cm 20 Light blue

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