• Needles for cytological aspirates

Disposable needles with steel-tipped Chiba cannula and Luer Lock and Luer male and female fittings extension. The echogenic needle is provided with work surface. The device is provided with a spindle.
The metal components are washed and the ultrasound cannula is perfectly smudged electrowinning. The needles are easily connectable to a 3-way valves or other devices with Luer.

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Versions available

    Code Size Pack. C. Code
    0MEC 1810 18Gx10 cm 20 Pink
    0MEC 1815 18Gx15 cm 20 Pink
    0MEC 1820 18Gx20 cm 20 Pink
    0MEC 2010 20Gx10 cm 20 Yellow
    0MEC 2015 20Gx15 cm 20 Yellow
    0MEC 2020 20Gx20 cm 20 Yellow
    0MEC 2210 22Gx10 cm 20 Black
    0MEC 2215 22Gx15 cm 20 Black
    0MEC 2220 22Gx20 cm 20 Black

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