• Needles for peripheral nerve block

Special needles insulated regional anesthesia with the technique of searching for the nerve electrostimulation (ENS). They are equipped with cable connection to a device for the emission of the electrical nerve stimulation.
The device consists of:
1. AISI 304 stainless steel cannula medical, with various types of spikes, covered with insulating material on all sides. Triple sharpening tip
2. Luer Lock quadrangular transparent ABS plastic medical devices.
3. Wire connecting the probe isolated to allow the transmission of electrical impulses.
4. 60 cm PVC medical extension terminal for connection to the female Luer syringe injection.
5. Hood cover needle in polyethylene.

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Versions available

    Code Size Pack. C. Code
    0AET21070 21Gx70 mm 20 Dark green
    0AET21090 21Gx90 mm 20 Dark green
    0AET21100 21Gx100 mm 20 Dark green
    0AET21120 21Gx120 mm 20 Dark green
    0AET21150 21Gx150 mm 20 Dark green
    0AET22050 22Gx50 mm 20 Black
    0AET22070 22Gx70 mm 20 Black
    0AET22100 22Gx100 mm 20 Black
    0AET22120 22Gx120 mm 20 Black
    0AET22150 22Gx150 mm 20 Black
    0AET23050 23Gx50 mm 20 Dark blue
    0AET23070 23Gx70 mm 20 Dark blue
    0AET23100 23Gx100 mm 20 Dark blue
    0AET24025 24Gx25 mm 20 Violet
    0AET24035 24Gx35 mm 20 Violet
    0AET24050 24Gx50 mm 20 Violet
    0AET25025 25Gx25 mm 20 Orange
    0AET25035 25Gx35 mm 20 Orange
    0AET25050 25Gx50 mm 20 Orange

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