TATOpro are the new applicators used in neoplasia treatment by means of the new microwave thermo ablator TATO, projected and produced by Biomedical.
TATOpro are the thinnest applicators on the market (measurements until 18G) and they allow to perform surgery on liver, lungs, kidneys, breast, thyroid and bones neoplasia, with no bleeding and post-procedural pain.
For the first time, the applicator TATOpro 18G guarantees a precise operation on the prostate, a difficult organ to treat, as a result of its reduced thickness.


TATOpro 11G, 14G and 17G are also available in the extractable-stylet version: the physician can set up a synergic treatment with thermal ablation and chemotherapy drug injection.

All TATOpro applicators have detachable probes, so that the physician can easily place the applicator under CT scan too.

TATOpro have four available versions; please find more information about their characteristics on TATO website.

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Versions available

    Type Size Pack. C. Code
    TTP 11G15cm 1 White
    TTP 14G15cm 1 Dark Green
    TTP 14G20cm 1 Dark Green
    TTP 17G15cm 1 Red Violet
    TTP 17G20cm 1 Red Violet
    TTP 18G15cm 1 Pink
    TTP 18G20cm 1 Pink
    TTP 18G25cm 1 Pink


    Availables in the following variants :

    • Applicator with cable:
      - Straight cable jacks
      - Right angle cable plug
    • Applicator without cable
    • With stylet

    14G and 17G applicators can have the stylet with luer lock tip.

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