• Needles for spinal anesthesia

Disposable spinal atraumatic needle (Pencil Point).

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Versions available

    Code Size Pack. C. Code
    MDI2290 22Gx90 mm 25 Black
    MDI22103 22Gx103 mm 25 Black
    MDI2490 24Gx90 mm 25 Violet
    MDI24103 24Gx103 mm 25 Violet
    MDI2590 25Gx90 mm 25 Orange
    MDI25103 25Gx103 mm 25 Orange
    MDI25120 25Gx120 mm 25 Orange
    MDI2690 26Gx90 mm 25 Brown
    MDI26103 26Gx103 mm 25 Brown
    MDI2790 27Gx90 mm 25 Grey
    MDI27103 27Gx103 mm 25 Grey
    MDI27120 27Gx120 mm 25 Grey
    MDI2990 29Gx90 mm 25 Red
    MDI29103 29Gx103 mm 25 Red

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