• Mammary localization

The needle localization of non palpable breast lesions is intended to enable the physician to localize these lesions in order to proceed with their screening and possibly the next surgery. The device is used with an invasive method which provides inside the needle a hooked wire that, when you reach the breast lesion, is pushed into the lesion. The wire, which has a special bend in the extreme (single or double), you still breast parenchyma and allows the surgeon, in a second phase, to easily identify the location, minimizing the amount of parenchyma excised injured.

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    Code Size Pack. C. Code
    0IM1810 18Gx10 cm 20 Pink
    0IM2007 20Gx7 cm 20 Yellow
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    0IM2110 21Gx10 cm 20 Dark green


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    0IMX1807 18Gx7 cm 20 Pink
    0IMX1810 18Gx10 cm 20 Pink
    0IMX2007 20Gx7 cm 20 Yellow
    0IMX2010 20Gx10 cm 20 Yellow

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