• Galactography

Galactography disposable kit and set.  The galactography has the function of allowing the physician to penetrate through a very small tip, in the milk ducts, and to verify, through screening of the injected liquid contrast, any filling or the presence of breast lesions.
The set for galactography (ID) consists of a Luer connector, a tube of plastic medical syringe and a blunt needle with a caliber of 18 G to 30 G
The kit galactography (IDK) comprises from 2 to 6 different gauge needles (distinguishable by color), a syringe and needle with an additional 18- caliber G to 30 G.

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Versions available


    Code Size Pack. C. Code
    0ID27/D20 27Gx20 mm straight cannula 20 Grey
    0ID27/C20 27Gx20 mm curved cannula 20 Grey


    Code Size Pack. C. Code
    0IDK25/D32 25Gx32 mm straight cannula 20 Orange
    0IDK25/C32 25Gx20 mm curved cannula 20 Orange

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