• Needles for biopsy of soft tissues

Disposable needle for biopsy on soft tissue with manual guillotine system. The needle has ergonomic handle and internal hollow mandrel designed for atraumatic removal and precise small piece. The cannula tip was biopsy, and centimeters and has sliding stopper for determining the insertion depth. The cannula is cleaned with ultrasound and perfectly smudged electrowinning. The needle is also equipped with a depth stop to carry out biopsies of lesions that require penetration of less than 2 cm.

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Versions available

    Code Size Pack. C. Code
    0BM 1410 14Gx10 cm 20 Dark green
    0BM 1415 14Gx15 cm 20 Dark green
    0BM 1420 14Gx20 cm 20 Dark green
    0BM 1610 16Gx10 cm 20 White
    0BM 1615 16Gx15 cm 20 White
    0BM 1620 16Gx20 cm 20 White
    0BM 1810 18Gx10 cm 20 Pink
    0BM 1815 18Gx15 cm 20 Pink
    0BM 1820 18Gx20 cm 20 Pink
    0BM 1825 18Gx25 cm 20 Pink

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